Meeting of the “Juniorentreffen” in Zagreb, Croatia

Tuesday, 08 April 2008 09:57

Aformation conference was held for all the clerics of the CEC from March 24-28, 2008 at the Friary of the Holy Spirit in Zagreb, Croatia. There were some 30 students in formation along with their Formators from Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, and Croatia. It has become a tradition to have this meetings every year during Easter week in one of the jurisdictions of the Conference. In this way we are able to offer the young students various Franciscan themes in greater depth, which might be left out of their ordinary theological formation. A second benefit of this meeting is to reinforce the appreciation of the fraternity among the young students of the various jurisdictions.

The theme of the meeting this year was “The Movement of the Militia of the Immaculate, Past, Present, and Future”. The theme was prepared by the clerics in Zagreb, and was presented by means of a power point presentation in Croatian and German. The first day of the conference held the presentation of the theme, group work, general assembly, and questions and clarifications. The second day was a pilgrimage during which we visited a Marian Sanctuary of the Province in Molve, where we celebrated Mass, prayed the rosary in various languages, visited the chapel of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Molve, and from there took part in the traditional procession of the parish church on the feast of the Annunciation . For the second part, we visited the Friary of St. Anthony at Novi Marof, where the National Center for the MI is located. We had a meeting with the National Director and Assistant for the MI, Friar Antun Gasparić, who gave us an overview of the movement as it is, along with a perspective of the future. There are more than 30,000 members. The third day was dedicated to fraternity and recreation.

The unique opportunity of this “Juniorentreffen” meeting is the coming together of the students and Formators with their Ministers. This year, however, to the great joy of the students, we were joined by the Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca, the Assistant General for CEC, Friar Miljenko Hontić, as well as the Vice Secretary for Formation in the Order, Friar Lindor Alcides Tofful. Of particular interest was the presentation of the Minister General on the situation of the Order, and his attentive listening to the questions of the students regarding the period of formation.

The meeting closed with the celebration of the Eucharist with the Assistant General and an evaluation of the meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Assisi during the Chapter of Mats.

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