Ordinary Provincial Chapter of the Province of Hungary and Transylvania

Saturday, 23 February 2008 18:42

Arad (Province of Hungary and Transylvania): February 21-23, 2008 - Ordinary Provincial Chapter  for the Province of Hungary and Transylvania, presided over by the Minister General, with the Assistant General for CEO present. Elected were the following:

Minister Provincial:
Vicar Provincial:
Province Secretary:

  Friar Zsolt KALNA (1st term)
  Friar Robert  BLÈNSI
  Friar Bogdan ADAMCZYK
  Friar Làzlò AMÀSKA

In the name of all the Friars, we send fraternal greetings and best wishes to the Friars gathered in Provincial Chapter, in particular, the newly elected Minister Provincial, Friar Zsolt Kalna and the members of the Provincial Definitory.

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