Brussels Course

Monday, 22 September 2008 09:56

On August 31, 2008, another course was begun for the new missionaries of the First Order at Brussels.

Participating in the program are 2 Friars Minor, 6 Capuchins, and 4 Conventuals, from Indonesia, India, Ukraine, and Poland. Our Friars, Simon Alinjely, Daniel Palattykoonathan, and Damian Veliyil from India, and Szymon Majcherczyk from the Province of Cracow, are preparing for the missions in Sri Lanka and Uganda. Also involved in the program are Friar Jarosław Wysoczański as animator, and Friar Vincenzo Marcoli, presenting the courses on Franciscan Missionary Theology. During the program the Friars are offered the opportunity for spiritual and intellectual renewal and the review of their personal and communal life, through the encountering of different cultures in an international community. The program comes to an end with a retreat in Assisi at the end of November.

This program is also important for those Friars who are already been to the missions and might want to return again. The course is given in two languages: French in the Spring, and English in the Autumn.