The General Definitory meets with the General Delegates in Fribourg, Switzerland

Wednesday, 23 July 2008 09:17

The General Definitory meeting for the month of July, 7-12, met at the center for the General Delegation of Switzerland in Fribourg.

The government of the Order made this decision with the intention of beginning a new tradition – that of the July Definitory meeting being held in the territory of one of the General Delegations. It is one of the various means by which the central government wants to gain better access to this reality of our Order. Among the numerous topics discussed during these sessions, principal attention was given to meeting with the General Delegates, some of whom had prepared a presentation of a four year plan that would better envision the life and charismatic witness of these jurisdictions.

It was a profitable meeting for everybody, especially the Friars of the Swiss Delegation who had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the Definitory and General Delegates in a fraternal and cordial atmosphere.

The members of the Definitory were also able to visit two of our communities in Switzerland, Choulex and Flüeli, as well as the central office of Franciscans International in Geneva.