The Presidents of the Conferences/Federations meet with the General Definitory

Thursday, 05 June 2008 10:22

For a whole week (June 1-8, 2008), the General Definitory met with the Presidents of the Conferences/Federations at the General Curia. They discussed a variety of topics.

First of all there was an evaluation of the work of the Order following a year of settling down.

Then, as if in a guided tour, they became familiar with the work of the Curia, having direct access to the various Assistant Generals, and, at the Friary of St. Maximilian Kolbe, with the Friars who are there dealing with the issues of specific interest to the Order.

They were also informed concerning the progress being made on the motions from the General Chapter.

A briefing was held concerning the topics confronting the whole Order: the six year plan; the revision of the Constitutions; the juridical status of the General Delegations; the collaboration between Jurisdictions and Conferences (agreements for the communities); the developing possibilities for the Seraphicum, in its various areas; various financial and solidarity questions within the Order.

During these sessions there was the opportunity to listen to the Presidents concerning their questions and the chances taking place within their various Conferences and communities of Friars: present and future.

In conclusion, the Presidents of the Conferences/Federations visited the General Houses and the various offices that collaborate with the work of the government of the Order (Santi Apostoli, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Seraphicum). Eight days together in fraternity, sharing prayer, meals, and free time (although very little of that), encouraged personal meetings and working together in the vineyard of the Lord.