Inter-Franciscan French Speaking Course for New Missionaries - Brussles, 2008

Thursday, 01 May 2008 08:33

- Visit to the Communities of Narbonne

The community of Narbonne hosted the group of OFM and Capuchin Friars from the Missionary course in Brussels.

Nine Friars are preparing for mission in French speaking countries. Friars from Poland, Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Quebec, Italy, Vietnam, and India enriched our fraternal life. For four days we lived together, enjoying fraternity and formation. Besides the simple experience of our community lifestyle, and visits to some places of culture and of significance to the Christian Faith and our Franciscan presence in Narbonne, the Friars of the community offered time for formation. Friar François led a discussion on “The Challenge of a Non-Christian World and Our Evangelical Response as Franciscans”. Friar Sylvestre and Friar Fabian presented a personal witness: “From Romania to France in Mission: Similarities and Differences”. Lastly, Friar Bernard developed the historical part: “In a Secular Existence: the Franciscan Patrimony at Narbonne”.

Along with the insights of the Friars, were added the rich witness of lay men and women from the SFO who are actively involved in the social and ecclesial life of the city.

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