Canonical Visit o f the Friaries in Germany

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From November 7-17, 2010, completing the Canonical Visitation of the Province of St. Anthony and Blessed James of Strepa in Cracow, Poland, the Assistant General for CEC, Friar Miljenko Hontić, visited the Friaries of this Province located in Germany.

There are four Friaries in the Provincial Delegation, of which three have been revived from the Province of Germany (Ratingen, Oggersheim, Neustadt) and one directly from the Diocese of Spayer (Bliskastel).
Recently, the Province has also assumed a Marian Shrine in Bogenberg (Diocese of Regensburg). The Delegation consists of 22 Friars. The Provincial Delegate is Friar Dariusz Bryk, Guardian of Oggersheim.