From the II Order

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On Monday, November 8, 2010, an informal meeting was held at the Seraphicum. There were seven Friars, among whom were Friar Giancarlo Corsini, President of CIMP, and Friar Eduardo Brentari, General Delegate, and five nuns including the Mother President, Sister Patrizia Nocitra. They were seeking ways of vocation animation for the monastic life of our Poor Clares.

The meeting was helpful toward understanding the realities of our Sisters of the II Order, hurting for vocations today, and for the exchange of ideas, in order to give suggestions to the Poor Clares, regarding their involvement in vocation promotion, and to assure them of the involvement of the Friars, in vocational help for the promotion of their monastic life, some of those present already being in this ministry,

Friar Edoardo Brentari