Extraordinary Assembly of the Poor Clares

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The Poor Clares have experienced a significant moment of sorority, celebrating an Extraordinary Assembly of the Italian Federation of Poor Clares in Assisi from October 24-31, 2010, half way through their sessenium.

There was the participation of 33 nuns from 24 monasteries, with the leadership of the Mother President, Sister Patrizia Nocitra, and the presence of the Religious Assistant, Friar Edoardo Brentari, both giving, from their appropriate perspectives, the situation of the Clarian reality.

The Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca was present on several occasions, giving encouragement by means of his suggestions, after listening carefully to the Assembly, regarding the commonality among the monasteries, suggesting an annual meeting like an Assembly, or together with a retreat.

The presentations of the reports with their various problems, stimulated an intense exchange of ideas for projects in the future; a nurturing encouragement being given in this area, by three presenters: Friar Giancarlo Corsini, Sister Samuela Rigon, and Marina Stremfely, which was much appreciated by the group.

A dominant note that emerged was the desire to come to better know the faith and the serenity that permeates the sorority of the Federation, and to come to know among the monastic houses, that mutual respect that can be felt by the sisters as members of one family, as Mother Clare had desired.

It goes without saying that the Assisi environment gave way to reflection and a sense of being together, flowing from the Clarian life, resulting in a greater sense of understanding and mutual help.

Friar Eduardo Brentari, General Delegate