The New Provincial Delegation and its Delegate

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The Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Anthony of Padua – USA, in keeping with the Chapter mandate, has erected a Provincial Delegation and named Friar Paul MIŚKIEWICZ as Provincial Delegate.


With the decree of the Minister General on August 2, 2010, the General Delegation of Great Britain and Ireland became a Provincial Delegation under the Jurisdiction of the USA Province of St. Anthony.

The final decision of the Minister General and his Definitory was made following the favorable opinion of the Friars of the General Delegation, and of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter of the Province of St. Anthony in 2010. In fact, the Friars of the Delegation along with the Provincial Chapter of the US Province, responded well to the proposal of the Minister General and his Definitory, to transfer the Friars inscribed in the Delegation along with its seven Friaries to that same US Province.

Friar Paul will move to the Delegation as soon as the documentation for residency is completed by the competent civil authority.

The Secretary General