A New Friary in Havana, Cuba

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A new Friary in Havana, Cuba opened a few months ago, dedicated to St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, and will serve as a house for Postulants....

A new Friary in Havana, Cuba opened a few months ago, dedicated to St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, and will serve as a house for Postulants. The Friars working in Cuba now have their second house. The first location was in Matanzas, and this time, they are in the capitol. The choice was motivated by the fact that the new Friary is a house of formation, and Havana offers the possibilities for study for the young men on their vocational journey.

After five years of restoring a house that has been given by the State for this purpose, they are finally able to take possession of the new place. Remember that for almost the past full year, two Friars and four Postulants were guests of a community of Capuchin brothers. It was a good experience of fraternal cooperation.

The new house is located in the historical center of the city, a few meters from the Cathedral. From here the Friars serve the Church of St. Francis, only three hundred meters away, and the parish of St. Clare, also in the city, about 10 kilometers away. These two churches had been served by our Minor brothers until a few years ago.

Besides a beautiful chapel, the new Friary has a library, which has been enhanced thanks to  books given by our Friaries in Spain, a kitchen, dining room, and ten bedrooms. It is a space sufficient for the ordinary life of the community, which is now composed of three Friars and four Postulants, and will eventually receive guests. One of the important aspects of this new presence is the collaboration with the other parts of the Franciscan Family (one of the purposes for which the mission in Cuba was begun); there exists a direct and constructive contact with the Capuchin and Minor brothers, as well as the SFO. As a fruit of this collaboration, a “Center for Franciscan Spirituality” has been started at our Church of St. Francis, a Center which will be managed communally.

The actual presence of the Order in Cuba, nine years after the arrival of the first missionaries, are these two communities with a total of seven Friars (three from the Province of the Marches, one from the Province of Sardinia, a Cuban, originally from the Province of Padua, one from the Province of Spain, and one from the Custody of Mexico), and four Postulants. Other youth are being accompanied in their vocational search.

Remember to pray for this new young reality of our Order.

The Redactor