General Canonical Visitation of the Province of Warsaw, Poland

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On October 8, 2010, a General Canonical Visitation was begun for the Province of Warsaw, Poland by Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, Assistant General for AFCOF, as directed by the Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca.

The visit began that same date, with a meeting of the Province Definitory of Warsaw in the afternoon, followed by a visit to the Friaries of the Province beginning with Smardzewice, were the Novitiate (5 novices) of the Province is located. During the following days, the Visitator continued on to the Friaries of Skarżysko Kamienna, Łódź (by way of Krecia), where the Postulantcy of the Province is located (9 postulants), and Kalisz – the oldest Friary of the Province where our Friars arrived in 1257 at the request of the Duchess of Poland, Jolanta.

Following the visit of these first 4 Friaries, the Visitator returned to Rome and his responsibilities in Rome and Africa on October 22. The Visitation of the Province of Warsaw will be taken up again in February and continue through November of 2011 for all of the Friaries of Poland, Belorussia, Bulgaria, and Burkina Faso. The Friaries located in other Conferences (CEC, CIMP, CFC) will be visited by the Assistant Generals of those areas.

General Visitator, Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski