Opening of the Academic Year at the Seraphicum

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On Thursday, October 14, 2010, the inauguration of the Academic Year 2010-2011 of the Pontifical Theological Faculty “St. Bonaventure” (Seraphicum), was held. Present were very Academic Officials from the other Pontifical Universities and Roman Faculties, Friar Marco Tasca, Minister General of the Order, and Chancellor of the Institute, Friar Jerzy Norel, Vicar General, some Assistant Generals, teachers and students of the Institute, confreres from the other communities of Rome and various friends.

It began with a Eucharistic Celebration at 9:30 am, presided over by the Minister General. The second part of the morning, which was academic, was held in the Sixtus V Hall. The President of the Institute, Friar Domenico Paoletti, presented a brief overview of the last academic year, and a perspective on the initiatives for the new year. Following the presentation by Friar Domenico Paoletti, an academic presentation was given by Monsignor Piero Coda, President of the Italian Theological Association, and President of the University Institute “Sophia” of Lippiano, Florence, founded by Chiara Lubich. He is a noted theologian and author of numerous publications, among which, of special note, are his studies on Trinitarian theology. In his rich and challenging presentation, Monsignor Coda, taking a section of the Itinerarium mentis in Deum of St. Bonaventure, developed the theme: “Franciscan Trinitarian Christocentrism. Toward reclaiming the goal and method  of theology”.

Before and after the presentation of  Monsignor Piero Coda, the music group “The Seraphic Singers” directed by Friar Gennaro Becchimanzi, presented various Franciscan Songs.

At the conclusion, Friar Marco Tasca, Minister General of the Order and Chancellor of the Institute, thanked all for being present and proclaimed the official formula for the opening of a new Academic Year.

Fr. Juan Miguel Vicente