The Second Novitiate CIMP

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In Osimo, at the Convent Saint Joseph of Copertino, the Conference CIMP held its Second Novitiate from the 14th of July until the 14th of August as a time dedicated to the preparation for the friars’ solemn profession.

The new element introduced in this year’s novitiate was the participation of the brothers from the Romanian Province. Consequently, within the Conference, there is only one single Second Novitiate for all friars who are preparing to give their final ‘yes’ within the Order.


This year there were 11 friars who participated: 7 from the Romanian Province (Br. Antonel, Br. Cristian, Br. Ioan, Br. Ovidio, Br. Rafael, Br. Vasile and Br. Virgil), 2 from the Maltese Province, (Br. Andrew and Br Colin), 1 from the Custody of Mexico (Br. Martin) and 1 from the Custody of Australia (Br. Jack). The latter two are not members of CIMP but are currently carrying out their theological studies in Italy and therefore had asked to take part in CIMP’s Second Novitiate. There was a certain astonishment due to the fact that there were no Italian friars preparing for solemn profession.

The one month Second Novitiate in the Conference CIMP is a consolidated program which consists in an itinerary of numerous steps aimed at guiding the candidate to make a synthesis of his years in initial formation and to arrive at discerning the particular character of his own religious and Franciscan vocation.

This year’s program was animated by a formation team with many new faces: Fr Roberto Brandinelli (Province of Bologna), Fr. Antonino Carillo (Naples Province), Fr. Stefan Acatrinei (Romanian Province), and Fr. Antonio Parisi (Sicilian Province).

All the friars were unanimous in recognizing the peaceful and fraternal spirit that had been created and which had allowed for the month’s program to be lived out well. This, without doubt, was made possible thanks to the example, service, and good will given by the community of Osimo which had given to all the friars a shining example of hospitality. The close presence of the Minister Provincial of the Marches and President of CIMP, Fr. Giancarlo Corsini, who accompanied the program from its vey beginnings and was present during some of the month’s most important moments, was also very precious.

The visit of the Minister General is to be underlined as well as those of the Assistant General of CIMP, the Secretary General for the animation of the missions, and Secretary General for JPSC EDI.

The visit of Mons. Menichelli, Archbishop of Ancona- Osimo was also very pleasing.

Let us follow with our prayers the brothers who are about to give their definitive ‘yes’ within our religious family.