Second Part of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter for Slovenia

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The Provincial Chapter Assembly – the second part of the Slovenian Chapter, June 14-17, 2010 – as indicated in the Directory for the Celebration of Provincial Chapter, approved the work of the ad hoc commission for inclusion into the Four Year Plan, after much discussion.



They indicated four principal themes which they would like to accomplish in the course of the quadrennium: they are:

1) The vow of Poverty:
The community level: a) the Province and the communities choose a concrete form of solidarity with the needy; b) the active and responsible participation of all of the Friars in the community project. The personal level: a) pay particular personal attention to the care of the common goods of the Community; b) more generous distribution of one’s spiritual and intellectual goods.

2) Prayer – life of union with God:
The community level: a) each community plan a retreat at least two times a year; b) revive the popular devotions of the Order on the community level.
The personal level: a) re-evaluate one’s personal prayer; b) better participation in the liturgy of the hours.

3) Spiritual Accompaniment – SFO, Gifra, MI:
The community level: a minimum of 5 conferences on formation in spiritual accompaniment; b) Continuing Formation that would address the SFO, Gifra, and the MI, in a particular way.
The personal level: a) ideally every Friar should do some personal accompaniment; b) the Friars involved in spiritual accompaniment should work with others in some concrete means of vocational outreach.

4) The vow of Obedience:
The community level: a) deepen spiritual part of the Friary Chapter as found in the document of the Congregation for Religious (n.122) – The Service of Authority.
The personal level: a) live the fraternal relationships with an acute sense of awareness and responsibility; learn not only from listening in fraternal meetings, but from asking; b) welcome and follow attentively, the indications for our life from the Magisterium of the Church, Pope, Bishops, etc.

Other Chapter motions that were inserted into the Four Year Plan, and which merit mention here:
1. A week of continuing formation, obligatory for all Friars. Every year a program will be offered twice to make it possible for everyone to participate.

2. The Government of the Province arrange for every Friar to spend one month of presence/retreat at the Friary in Assisi.

3. A Spiritual Chapter will be held in 2012 on the theme of spiritual accompaniment.

4. That the Government of the Province send candidates for Novitiate to Assisi, or some other place, if they are not in the position to offer it themselves.

5. a) Begin the construction of a new Friary at Sostro, adequate for formational and pastoral needs; b) begin to restore the Friary of the Most Holy Trinity to meet the needs of the Community, and adequate for the work of retreats. c) construct a section of the Friary at Olimje to meet the parish needs, and to be of service to retreat work.

The Chapter concluded with the election of new Guardians, Formators, and the Presidents of Province Commissions. All of the Guardians elected, except for one, are in their first term, as well as the Formators.