The funeral celebrated in the Basilica of the Twelve Holy Apostles

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Rome, Basilica of the Twelve Holy Apostles, July 17, 2010

His Excellency, Bishop Gianfranco GIROTTI, Regent of the Apostolic Penitenzeria, presided over the Funeral Mass for Friar John Joseph DOLAN, in the Basilica of the Twelve Holy Apostles in Rome.

Present were the Minister General, all the members of the General Definitory, the Community of the Twelve Holy Apostles, Friars from the Communities of the Order in Rome, and from the Sacred Convent Assisi, along with lay friends.

In his homily, the Minister General, using the text of the Beatitudes in the Gospel, compared the character, life, and service to the Order of Friar John-Joseph, with the beatitude of “gentleness” proclaimed and lived by Jesus.

The Minister General also recalled some of the characteristics that were distinctive of Friar John-Joseph, in every season of his life, and were indeed a gift to all of us: his gentleness, welcome, listening, dialogue, wisdom, the docility that came from a “certain faith”, a deep and solid honesty, and a natural empathy and understanding of the weakness of humanity and of our redemption.

At the end of the ceremony a fraternal heartfelt appreciation was expressed, for those who participated physically and spiritually in the celebration, and the Minister General expressed condolences received from England, Zambia, the United States, and Asia, in a fraternal universal embrace, in thanksgiving to the Lord for the gift of our brother John-Joseph. We pray for J.J., and for consolation for all of us who loved him so well, in particular, his mother, sister, nieces and nephews, and the Friars of the USA Province of The Immaculate Conception, and the whole CFC Conference.

In the name of the General Definitory, Friar Jorge Fernández, Assistant General for FALC, dedicated the following prayer to Friar John-Joseph:


Our brother is dead!
Our brother John,
our brother Joseph.
He has closed his clear eyes,
his plump hands,
his smiling mouth,
quiet is his good heart,
and his childlike spirit,
a candid Franciscan child,
united to God forever.
His vibrant passion is dead!
Passion for Minority,
passion for Fraternity!
This passion is his living testimony,
and our rightful inheritance.
A companion on the journey has departed,
and with him
the end of something precious that belonged to us.
But, confident in the grace of the Good God,
we believe…
that from the eternal heavens,
from this moment, that our journey of prayer passes through him,
and that of a thousand concerns.
We take our leave, brother John-Joseph!
Return to the house of the Father!
Return to the Good, the Supreme Good, who created you,
and made you so good!
The Lord
who has blessed us,
and has done good things for us,
through the person that was you,
give you His Peace,
and Everlasting Life.
Peace and All Good! Amen!

Friar Jorge Fernández
Rome, July 17, 2010


Secretary General