General Definitory on Pilgrimage to Santiago di Compostela

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In line, one behind the other, sometimes as a single group, more often in small groups, walking with determination, hiding, as best one could, moments of difficulty or fatigue, the members of the General Definitory went on pilgrimage by foot, from Sarria, in the Region of Galizia, Spain, to the Sanctuary of Santiago of Compostela.

From Monday, June 28 to Saturday, July 3, the Minister General and eight members of the Definitory traveled about 155 km (72 miles) by foot. Some 20 km (13 miles) were traveled each day, necessary rest, a Solemn Mass with pilgrims, a supper from a “pilgrim’s menu” (where one has the opportunity to try the “spicy rooster”), an evening chat, or a game of cards, and finally rest. We departed again at sunrise, with a fresh, limited contentment, more or less evident in one whose youth has passed.

The goal of the pilgrimage, besides that of personal devotion and an opportunity for a time of meditation, was to pray for the Friars of the Order, spend a week of fraternity, as pilgrims among the pilgrims. At the end we were tired, but satisfied with an experience that was a unique, intense, and demanding experience for all of us.

Last year the Definitory followed the path of St. Paul in Turkey, this year, in Spain, there was the encounter with the Apostle, James the Greater.

Thanks goes to the Province of Spain, and especially to Friar Miguel Ángel MARCOS, for the accompaniment and his fraternal and efficient assistance.

The Secretary General