St. Anthony of Padua and Immaculate Conception Provinces, USA, gather for Chapter in Buffalo, NY

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From June 14-18, 2010, the Provinces of St. Anthony of Padua and the Immaculate Conception held the Second Phase of their Provincial Chapters at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Buffalo, NY. There were almost 200 friars gathered for the occasion.

In light of the positive vote taken at the first session of each Chapter to form a new province in 2014, one whole day was spent in joint sessions discussing a common Four Year Plan that would provide a comprehensive framework for taking care of all the necessary work in preparing for the Union. After a few revisions, the Plan was unanimously approved by each respective Chapter. 

In individual sessions, each Chapter took care of the business of electing Guardians and of voting on proposals that were previously submitted.  Both Provinces approved the Directory of Initial Formation and since it was previously decided that all Commissions would be Joint Commissions for this quadrennium, each Province voted for each Commission Chairperson. The St. Anthony Province Chapter voted to accept the General Delegation of Great Britain and Ireland as a Province Delegation, to be established as a Province Custody in 2013.

Once again, the liturgies, meals and times of recreation gave everyone further opportunities to both pray together and to get to know one another.  One evening there was a celebration of all the friars celebrating anniversaries of profession and priesthood.  As a sign of our coming together in the near future,  during the closing ritual, James McCurry, the Minister Provincial of St. Anthony Province was presented with an icon of the Immaculate Conception and Justin Biase, the Minister Provincial of Immaculate Conception Province was presented with an icon of St. Anthony.

We are especially grateful for all the friars whose hard work made the Chapter not only a success but a very special moment of grace and fraternity in the life of our two Provinces. We were also delighted that John-Joseph Dolan, the Assistant General for the CFC had recuperated enough to be able to attend the Second Phase of the Chapters.