The General Treasurer visits AFCOF and meets with the Treasurers of Africa

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A meeting to establish a common “financial approach” was held for the entire area of AFCOF from May 1-3, 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya. It was similar to the meeting held at Nairobi in 2006.

Participants: from the General Curia, Friar Giorgio Silvestri, General Treasurer, and Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, Assistant General for AFCOF; the Major Superiors, Friar Patrick Chisanga, Minister Provincial of Zambia; the Provincial Custodes, Friar Bortolino Maistrello from Ghana, and Friar Tadeusz Brzozowski from Kenya; delegates of the Ministers/Custodes Provinical, Friar Dariusz Szymborski, from Tanzania, and Friar Bogusław Dąbrowski, from Uganda; and the treasurers: Friar Matthew Mumba, Zambia, Friar Martino Corazzin, Ghana, Friar Kazimierz Szulc, Kenya, Friar Dariusz Szymborski, Tanzania, and Friar Bogusław Dąbrowski, Uganda.

The meeting presented, investigated, and developed, the following points:
- The principal thinking that regulates the finances of the Order, above all in the economic area; transparency, solidarity, autonomy, etc. – these were presented by the General Treasurer;
- The theme of self-sufficiency along with proposals and suggestions on how to plan projects.
- The new system for the common houses of formation, and the consequent cost of participation, as agreed upon at the last meeting of the AFCOF Federation, held in Rome in 2009, which met with satisfactory results, providing a great savings for the local economies.
- Updating the Statutes for the common houses of AFCOF, regarding extra expenses, clarifying responsibilities and who carries the final cost. This point, and its related decisions, will be sent to the General Definitory to await the necessary approvals.

All of these initiatives serve to highlight for all the participants, especially the student Friars, the sense of being part of a single Religious Family, that of the Friars Minor Conventual.

Finally, each Jurisdiction proposed names of Friars that might begin courses for the formation of formators. They are: Zambia, three Friars beginning in 2010, Ghana, two in 2011, Tanzania, one in 2011, and Kenya, one in 2011.

At the end of the meeting, a new Rector was selected for the House of Formation in Nairobi. Unanimously elected was Friar Enrique Montero, originally from Costa Rica, and a previous Assistant General of AFCOF (until 2001).

Friar Augustine Mulenga, from the Province of Zambia, but presently the Vice Rector at Nairobi, was unanimously elected as the AFCOF Delegate for Formation.

The present statistics regarding those in formation in the Houses of Formation, according to their home Jurisdictions are as follows:
Novices of AFCOF who have completed Novitiate this year:
- Saltpond/Ghana – 10 (Ghana-4, Kenya-5, B.Faso-1) Professed: July 24, 2010
- Ndola/Zambia – 10 (Zambia-8, Tanzania-2) Professed: August 2, 2010
a) Novitiate for 2010/2011
- Saltpond/Ghana – 7 (Ghana-4, B.Faso-3) [capacity 12]   Aug. 2, 2010-July 31, 2011
- Ndola/Zambia – 14 (Zambia-8, Kenya-5, Tanzania-1)  July 22, 2010-Aug. 6, 2011
b) Lusaka/Philosophy: in August of 2010, there will be 42 student Friars coming from the Jurisdictions of Zambia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Tanzania.
c) Nairobi/Theology: in August of 2010 there will be 40 student Friars coming from the Jurisdictions of Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Poland.

Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski
Assistant General for AFCOF