Extraordinary Chapter for the Province of Cracow, Poland

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An Extraordinary Chapter for the Province of St. Anthony and Blessed James of Strepa was held from April 26-29, 2010 in Cracow, Poland.

The purpose of the capitular gathering was to analyze and gain a deeper appreciation of the human, religious, and fraternal relations in the context of our Provincial Fraternity, with particular attention to the responsibilities that our Province is called upon to assume on the different personal and communal levels, beginning with initial formation.

At the beginning of the Chapter work, Friar Jarosłow Zachariasz, the Minister Provincial, stressed that there exists certain essential elements which demonstrate that the Friars of the Province of Cracow are a “Fraternity”, which might be lacking or not yet matured in the overall picture. In his presentation, he gave the more problematic aspects found at the present time; aspects upon which various working groups reflected. In particular, the Minister stressed “…the responsibility that each one must assume in caring for the goods which they have at their disposal, and the best use of things, taking example from the Friars that have gone before us, so that there will be good fruit and good example for those who will come after us.”

The Minister Provincial then made note of some statistical data. There are 494 Friars presently affiliated to our Province, among whom there are 375 Solemnly Professed, 57 Temporary Professed, 19 Novices, and 43 Postulants. From this total, one can subtract 11 Friars who are in irregular juridical situations. There are 44 Friars who have reached retirement age (that is to say they can no longer work); 312 Friars still working, and 138 Friars in initial formation.

On the first day of the Chapter, a report was given on the finances of the Province by Friar Bronisław Staworowski.

Formation, brotherhood, missions, profiles of pastoral activity, responsibility for one’s self and for others in the Order, are only some of the themes discussed by the Chapter Friars over these four days.
The capitulars also met with the Metropolitan of Cracow, Stanisław Cardinal Dziwisz, at which time he thanked the Friars for their collaboration and mutual support. This appreciation having been received, the Friars sang the “Blessing of St. Francis” to mark the occasion of the Cardinal’s birthday.