Provincial Chapter of the Saint Anthony of Padua Province, USA

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In the year of our Lord, 2010, the 14th and 15th days of the month of April, I, Friar Linus De Sanctis, Secretary of the Provincial Chapter of the Province of St. Anthony of Padua USA, on behalf of all legitimately assembled here in the Holy Spirit and of those to whom are entrusted various elections, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the city of Buffalo, herby publish the following:

that the Minister Provincial of St. Anthony of Padua Province USA is
Friar James McCurry;
that the Definitors, Vicar Provincial, and Province Secretary are:
Friar Jude SUROWIEK  -  Definitor and Vicar Provincial
Friar Richard-Jacob FORCIER  -  Definitor and Province Secretary
Friar Michael ZIELKE  -  Definitor
Friar Russell GOVERNALE  -  Definitor
Friar Michael SAJDA  -  Definitor
Friar Jude Michael KRILL  -  Definitor

that the Deputy to the General Chapter is Friar Timothy KULBICKI;
and that the Provincial Treasurer/Exactor is Friar Mitchell SAWICKI

I also publish, on behalf of those to whom are entrusted particular decisions, that the following motion received a positive vote which required a qualified majority of al least two-thirds of the assembled friars:

“The Provincial Chapter of St. Anthony of Padua Province USA petitions the Ordinary General Chapter of 2010 to approve the union of the two Provinces of St. Anthony of Padua and the Immaculate Conception”.

Friar Linus De Sanctis