Custodial Chapter of Australia, part 2

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The second half of the Custodial Chapter of the General Custody of Australia was held during February 8th – 11th, 2010, at the Capuchin Retreat Centre Plumpton, which is in the outskirts of Sydney. There were 15 solemnly professed friars in attendance, plus the General Assistant for FAAMC.

Besides the elections of the various offices, the chapter dealt with issues which were important to the life and activities of the Custody. The friars were able to formulate the Custodial Vision and Mission Statement which were designed to give them a sense of identity and mission. The chapter also discussed and approved a range of motions which have to do with the fraternal life, formation and mission. The last theme produced an animated discussion among the friars. In the end, though, they agreed to follow the directives of the Minister General in collaborating with the Provincia of California in advancing the cause of the Order in the new and promising mission of Vietnam.