The Visit of the Minister General to Zambia and Malawi

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The Minister General, pursuing his objective to get to meet all the Friars that live in Africa, and give a living witness of our Franciscan charism, has completed his second phase of a long African itinerary, stretching from February 12-21, 2010.

Accompanying him on this further visit to Africa was Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, the Assistant General for AFCOF, along with Friar Patrick Chisanga, Minister Provincial of Zambia.

The Minister General first went to Zambia, and later to Malawi where the Province of Zambia has opened its own Mission. This is the first Mission in Africa initiated and maintained by African Friars.

More will be said about this visit in the next edition of the Fraternus Nuntius.

Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, Assistant General for AFCOF