News from Chile

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Following the tremendous quake last Saturday in South Central Chile, our Friars from the Provincial Delegation of Padua have communicated that they are all OK by the grace of God. The land, as we know from the news that has come out of Chile, continues to shake, and the number of victims continues to grow.

Concerning the location where our Friars are living, we know that the church in Santiago sustained some damage, but the Friary is fine.

In Curicó, where we just opened a new Friary, there does not seem to be any grave damage to the house, but we have no recent information concerning the condition of the church.

In Copiapó, Northern Chile, thanks to the distance from the epicenter, any damage remains very minor.

We thank the good Lord for the positive news we have received concerning our Friars, and raising up our prayers for the many victims of the quake who continue to suffer, we want to assure them of our fraternal solidarity.