News From Haiti

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We have received some news on Haiti from Sister Gloria Luz Villegas of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, giving us an update on the situations in which she and her Sisters live, and what they have found after the tremendous earthquake of January 12, 2010.

Before the quake, her Institute had an elementary school in Haiti, which today is leveled to the ground. By the grace of God there were no victims among the Sisters. There were only some reported injuries. Sister Gloria writes – describing what was taking place and is still happening in Haiti after the earthquake – “No one can even imagine how much sorrow, suffering, and misery one sees in Haiti at this time.”. There follows a word of hope addressed to us, and the expression of thanksgiving to our Friars for the help we have sent. Thanks to this form of economic assistance, it is now possible to construct a new water source, which is one of the priorities at this time, where they are thinking, eventually, of reconstructing a school for the children.

Sister Gloria concludes by reminding us to remain united in prayer for the people of Haiti, especially as they continue to work to accomplish what is needed according the will of God.

Let us be encouraged by this message of thanksgiving for the contributions that have been offered.