Elections In the General Custody of Russia

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On February 25, 2010, during the 3rd Ordinary Chapter of the General Custody of St. Francis of Assisi in Russia, a new Definitory was elected:

General Custos: Friar Nikolay Dubinin (2nd  term);
Vicar of the Custody: Friar Dariusz Harasimowicz (1st  term);
Members of the Definitory
Friar Stanisław Wójtowicz (1st  term);
Friar Michał Gruszka (1st  term);
Friar Andrej Buko (1st  term).

The Secretary of the Custody will be elected during the 2nd session of Chapter.

Treasurer of the Custody: Friar Michał Gruszka (1st term);
Extractor of the Custody: Friar Adam Nowak (1st term ).

Friar Piotr Karnialiuk
Secretary of the Chapter