Meeting of the FALC Federation with the General Definitory

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The FALC Federation met with the General Definitory following the celebration of the Fraternal General Assembly (January 11-18). The meeting was held from January 20-24, 2010 at the Postulantcy Friary of St. Francis of Assisi in Moreno, Argentina.

The meeting was part of the program of meetings of the General Definitory with each of the Conferences and Federations during this sexennium.

All of the Superiors of the FALC Jurisdictions and of the Mother Provinces were present for the meeting.

Friar Miguel Lopez offered a stimulating conference on “The Challenge of Religious Life in Latin America”.

The situation of the various Jurisdictions were presented during the four days of the meeting, with special emphasis on the challenges in each, and what lights and shadows were available for them to meet these challenges in the future.

Addressing the area of formation, there was a basic appreciation of the history of collaboration. Following the example of AFCOF, and with the encouragement of the Minister General and his Definitory, all of the Jurisdictions of FALC agreed to collaborate, first on the level of formation, according the zones established for the Federation (FALC South, Brazil, FALC North), beginning with a postulantcy in each zone, followed by a common novitiate, already begun, and post-novitiate.

Particular attention was given to the theme of continuing formation. It bore fruit in the working groups which discussed and developed direction in response to the question:

What are the important elements for continuing formation (concepts, proposals, methodologies, environments) that would be helpful to the Jurisdictions (indeed for all of FALC)?

Secretary General