Assembly of the Major Superiors of AFCOF

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The annual assembly of the Major Superiors of the AFCOF Federation was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from January 4.8, 2010. This meeting was held outside of Africa because it coincided with the General Assembly at which all of the Major Superiors of the Order were gathering. The meeting was held at our Friary in Moreno.

Taking part in the meeting were: The Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca; the Assistant General for AFCOF, Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, the Provincials of the Provinces that guide the missions in Africa ( Friar Jarosław Zachariasz from Krakow, Friar Mirosłow Bartos from Warsaw, and Friar Giorgio di Lembo from Abruzzo), along with the Major Superiors of Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Provincial Delegate from the mission of Burkina Faso; also with us was Friar Anthony Akumah, Custodial Vicar of Ghana and member of the AFCOF Formation Commission.

The principal goal of the this year’s meeting was to reflect together on our style of presence on the African Continent, particularly looking at the state of continuing formation for the Friars present in Africa. We have been working together on perfecting the means of common collaboration on the level of initial formation for AFCOF, primarily reinforcing the structures of our inter-jurisdictional formation and studies.

At this time the Order is present in seven countries of Africa: the Province of Zambia, the Provincial Custody of Ghana (Padua), the Provincial Custody of Kenya (Gdansk), the Provincial Custody of Tanzania (Warsaw), the Provincial Delegation of Uganda (Krakow), the Provincial Delegation of Burkina Faso (Warsaw and Abruzzo), and the Mission of Malawi begun in 1998 from the Province of Zambia. There are around 170 Solemnly Professed Friars in Africa.

In the formation houses, the number of African vocations is as follows:
Postulants: around 50 in all of Africa
Novices: (two Novitiates: Zambia and Ghana) 21
Clerics in Philosophy (Lusaka, Zambia) 36
Clerics in Theology (Nairobi, Kenya 36

Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski
Assistant General for AFCOF