The Militia of the Immaculate and the United Nations

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Having been involved with the MI for several years on both the International and National levels, I was contacted by the Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel, an organization of International Catholic Diplomats numbering approximately 60 members but growing.

They have asked me as the National President of the MI for the United States and Canada to be their Spiritual Assistant and liason with the Militia of the Immaculate. It was their desire to form an association with the MI because of the MI's spiritual and international character.

Through the Society of St. Gabriel I was invited to the United Nations in New York for a two day conference December 29, 2009 for the Central Emergency Response Fund. CERF (Central Emergency Response Fund) was instituted after the Tsunami in South East Asia and in response to the contrast between the aid that the Tsunami victims received because of media coverage, and other disaster victims who do not. As the General Secretary for the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon stated in his address, CERF is quick, efficient and saves lives. It provides an umbrella for humanitarian aid, in the areas that matter most: food, health, water and sanitation, agriculture, camp management and protection. Forty-five countries have been helped by CERF so far from the Congo to Somalia to the Philippines which experienced severe flooding this year. 109 countries have contributed to CERF since 2006. Help us help in time is a public service announcement on You Tube promoting CERF.  For anyone who has lived through or experienced a natural disaster such as flood, drought or earthquake they know how essential time and aid is to the victims.

Our world is bigger than our personal ministries. While our personal ministries are our priority on the local level, we cannot fail to see the bigger picture and how we are united and related to all people in the world.  If one person goes hungry or homeless or is displaced we all are.

by Fr. Patrick Greenough, OFM CONV.