Extraordinary Chapter of India

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The St. Maximilian Kolbe Province, India, had the joy of celebrating its first extra ordinary Provincial Chapter of this Quadriennium 2007-2011 at Assisi Shanthi Kendra, Karukutty on 8th to 10th  December 2009.

All the delegates were present for the Chapter. The Chapter was opened with a spiritual preparation, led by Fr. Robin Daniel OFM Cap. We had a very thoughtful evaluation of the past two and half years and a fruitful discussion regarding our future. Short reports of all our principal activities and apostolates were presented by the respective definitors in charge.

The principal decisions taken during the Chapter were: approved to send the candidates of the Sri Lankan mission to India for their Pre-novitiate and Novitiate; to proceed with the Greyfriars Communications; to send more friars to the Delegation of Vienna; to proceed with the Kerala¬-Kentucky project; to buy an English Medium School in Andhra Pradesh; to proceed with the work of the Philosophy formation friary in Karnataka and to name the Sri Lankan mission after our Seraphic Father St. Francis of Assisi. To open a new presence in the North India was considered us unpractical according to the present situation and to make Andhra Pradesh as a Delegation was postponed to the next Ordinary Chapter.

The Chapter finished in a festive mood and everyone felt it as a real celebration of fraternity.

Friar Mathew Purayidom