Web site of the Fraternal General Assembly 2010

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We invite you to visit the new web site dedicated solely to the upcoming Fraternal General Assembly, which will take place in Argentina from January 11 through 18 of 2010.

To access the site, simply go to the web page of the Order (www.ofmconv.org) and click the logo for the gathering found on the right side.

The page contains useful information to allow you to enter into the spirit of the event, and, to prepare yourself to follow it, you will find a listing of the purposes, various aspects, and the program itself.

You will also find the texts of the prayers to insert into Morning and Evening Prayer which we will be reciting until the end of the Assembly.

It will also be possible, for those who wish, to follow the various phases of the meeting in real time.

Remember, in order to access the reserved area, simply enter the username assigned to you when you registered and the password you gave, into the reserved area of the Order web site.

The communications passed onto you, step by step, is the work of an ad hoc committee that has been established.