Ordinary Chapter of Australia

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Friar Joseph Xuan Truong Nguyen was elected the new Custos of the General Custody of Australia.

He was elected by the friars gathered at Capuchin Retreat Centre in Sydney, and his appointment was confirmed by the central government of the Order represented by Fr Vincent Long Nguyen, Assistant General for FAAMC.

The election followed upon the celebration of the votive Mass of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Joseph was born in Vietnam but joined the Order in Australia where his family resides. He has served mostly as a formator in the Custody and a member of the Definitory.

Together with Friar Joseph the following friars were elected to the custodial definitory: Friar Joseph Son Nguyen as the Vicar, Friar Aidrian John Robson as Secretary, Friar Louis M. Schmid and Friar Benedict M. La Volpe as Definitors.

Let us keep them in our prayers as they endeavour to lead the Custody in a challenging time ahead.