Brazil – Ordinary Provincial Chapter

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The first part of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter for the Province of São Francisco de Assis di São Paolo, Brazil was held in Camp Largo, Pararaná from August 3-7, 2009 at the retreat house of São Francisco de Rohdinha.

The Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca, presided at the Chapter. Also present were the Assistant General for FALC, Friar Jorge Ronaldo Fernández and the Minister Provincial of the Province of Rioplatense, St. Anthony of Padua, Argentina, Friar Carlos Alberto Trovatelli.

The Capitulars elected:
Friar Gerardo Monteiro - Minister Provincial
Friar Antônio Corniatti - Vicar Provincial
Friar Itacir Gasperin - Secretary of the Province
Friar Sérgio Malacarne - Definitor
Friar Josemar Bertes Machado - Definitor
Friar Gilberto Anônio Barcorol - Province Treasurer

Friar Lauro

Definitori Fr Antônio Corniatti Fr Geraldo Monteiro Fr Gilberto Fr Itacir Gasperin
Fr Josemar Bertes Fr Sérgio Malacarne Frades Frei Geraldo Monteiro Freis Marcos e Geraldo