Meeting in Würzburg

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On July 9, 2009, a meeting was held with the three Provincials of Poland, Friars Adam Kalinowski, Mirosław Bartos, and Jarosław Zachariasz, the Provincial of Romania, Friar Emilian Catalin, and his Vicar, Friar Marius  Vatamanelu, and the Provincial of Germany, Friar Leo Beck, along with the Secretary and Treasurer of that Province, at the Friary in Würzburg.

Also present for the meetings were the Assistant Generals for CEO, Friar Jacek Ciupiński and for CEC, Friar Miljenko Hontić.

The principal purpose of the meeting was the reflection on the future collaboration among the Provinces, and in particular, the development of a common continuing formation program for all the Friars who are living and working in Germany. There was also a discussion concerning the presence of Friars from other Provinces that have Friars either in the German Province or in the Dioceses of Germany.

Those present were happy with the meeting, and they proposed continuing this type of meeting at least once a year.