Visitation to the Mission of Burkina Faso: 8th-14th June 2009

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The Assistant General for AFCOF completed a fraternal visit to the Mission of Burkina Faso between 8th and 14th June.

The Mission is administered by two Minister Provincials (Abbruzzo, Italy and Warsaw, Poland; both these provinces are fully involved with providing the personnel and they help with other logistics), it is also juridically part of the province of Warsaw. The following is an outline of what has been taking place in this young mission, the only African mission in the francophone language.

Medical Centre at Sabou
The Medical centre is a hive of activity following the completion of the necessary improvements which were made to the structure and the departments.  The administration of the centre is professionally overseen in collaboration with the friars and sisters. All is under the watchful eye of fr. Tomasz Kret, superior of the Mission.

Quagadougou – House of Formation
The construction of the second friary in the capital, Quagadougou, is found to be at an advanced stage. The roof will be erected in a few days and they will proceed with the first floor. According to the contractor the work should be complete by September 2009. On the part of the community fra Kazimierz was designated to oversee the course of work.

Once construction is complete, according to the plans of December 2008, the Postulants and one community of friars will be transferred to the second friary.

Mission Personnel
At present the friars of the Mission are:
4 priests – Tomasz/guardian, Giacomo/vicar, Marek/parish priest and Kazimierz;
2 brothers – Paweł /bursar,  Michele/nurse
1 cleric / philosophy
4 postulants: three in 1° year and one in 2° year.

fr. Tadeusz Światkowski, assistant general AFCOF