The Canonical Visitation of Sweden

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The Canonical Visitation of the Mission in Sweden took place between the 10th and 16th June 2009. It was undertaken by the Assistant General for CEC, fra Miljenko Hontić, in the name of the Minister General.

The visit began in Stockholm with a meeting with Mgsr. Anders Arborelius, Bishop of Stockholm. Only one diocese exists in Sweden and our Order has been present in Jönköping since 1990. There are three friars in this friary; two from the Province of Gdansk: fra Arkadiusz Skodowski e fra Rafal Miler and fr Joseph Nilsson a member of the Custody of the Sacred Convent in Assisi.

In January fra Peter Zacharewicz transferred to Igelosa in the South of Sweden, near the University of Lund. This is our newest presence with the prospect of founding a second friary. The friars through their life and rich apostolate give a wonderful witness to our charism in this land where the Catholic population is 1%.

At the end of the canonical visit to Igelosa Fr Robert Showers, our missionary at Roskilde in Denmark attended the concluding meeting.