Meeting of the “Pro Seraphico” Commission

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On June 5, 2009, the annual meeting of the International “Pro Seraphico” Commission was held at the Seraphicum College in Rome.

Participating in the meeting were:
Friar Jerzy NOREL, Vicar General (President); Friar Lindor Alcides TOFFUL, General Secretary for Formation; Friar Domenico PAOLETTI, Guardiano f the Seraphicum; Friar Corrado ALGAROTTI, economo and administrator of the Seraphicum; Friar Anselmo BONFIGLI, Rector of the Seraphicum; Friar Roberto TAMANTI, Rector of the Simply Professed (Friary of La Vigna); Friar Zdzisław KIJAS, President of the Faculty; Friar Danilo MARINELLI, representative of the students, and all seven Presidents of the Conferences/Federations of the Order.

The agenda provided for: an update on the life of the Seraphicum (reports from the Guardian, Rectors of the Seraphicum and La Vigna; the President of the Faculty and the economo; and update on the new project for the formation houses of Rome and related problems:

  • concerning the Faculty: qualifications of teachers, the potential for a specialization in contemporary Franciscanism, and bringing in new teachers;
  • concerning the formation community of the Seraphicum: the new formation team; the initial project of the forming the community making up the Seraphicum; questions that need to be resolved or further clarified.

There was also a discussion on the goal of the Commission and its specific responsibilities and relationship.

The recommendations, observations and suggestions of the Commission will be passed onto the General Definitory for further decisions or eventual confirmation.