New Presidency for the CEC Conference

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On April 16, 2009, at the Franciscan Proto-friary of Rivotorto, an elective assembly was held for the CEC Conference. All of the Provincials and Delegates were present along with the Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca, and the Assistant for the area, Friar Miljenko Hontić.

Friar Đuro Hontić, Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Jerome in Croatia, was elected President of the Conference on the first ballot. The Vice President of the Conference, also elected on the first ballot, Friar Vincent Cosatti, General Delegate of the General Delegation of St. Nicholas of Flüeli of Switzerland. Friar Pascal Marcel, a member of the same Swiss Delegation, was selected as Secretary of the Conference.

We also took the occasion to thank those who were leaving office: Friar Dominique Mathieu, the ex-president, and Friar Hans Kaufmann, the ex-secretary, for their attentive and fraternal service.

We wish the new leadership a good start and good work, along with good collaboration among the jurisdictions of the Conference, as well as the other Conferences and the government of the Order.