1st Meeting of the International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions

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The first meeting of the International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions was held from April 1-4, 2009, at the Seraphicum in Rome.

Present for the meeting were:
Friar Jerzy Norel, Vicar General, President of the Commission
Friar Fermino Giacometti, Coordinator
Friar Robert Brandinelli, Executive Secretary
Friar Lindor Alcides Tofful, member of the Executive Committee
Friar Bonaventure Mpasa, representative from AFCOF
Friar Janez Kurbus, representative from CEC
Friar Kazimierz Malinowski, representative from CEO
Friar Timothy Kulbicki, representative from CFC
Friar Carlo Vecchiato, representative from CIMP
Friar Victor Manuel Mora, representative from FALC
Friar James McCurry, named by the generalate
Friar Dinh Anh Nhue Nguyen, named by the generalate
Friar Hernán Varas Toledo, named by the generalate
The only absence was Friar Raymond Ponmelil, representative from FAAMC

The primary purpose of the meeting was to define the operating procedures for the work of the revision of the Constitutions and gathering ideas on how to make this revision process an opportunity for continuing education for the whole Order.

During the four days of the meeting the project for revision and the guidelines of the Commission, approved by the General Definitory last December, were presented. There was also the examination of some studies that the Executive Committee had prepared for this occasion. The Commission discussed some themes that had been prepared by the Executive Committee which yielded some very open and rich points for discussion among the participants.

The work accomplished provided the first steps in the path toward the revision of the Constitutions with a clear working methodology. From all of this will follow, ample facts and detailed information for the whole Order.

The general impression was that the meeting was very useful and profitable, particularly the valuable contribution offered by Archbishop Gianfranco Agostino Gardin, who took part in the Commission work on the afternoon of April 3rd, responding to various questions and giving valid directions for the revision of texts of Constitutions.

Saturday, April 4, a meeting was held with the Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca, at which he expressed his appreciation for the work of the Commission and exhorted a faithful continuation of that which has been begun.