The second planning session in preparation for the 5th International Meeting 2009 “Giovani verso Assisi”

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The second planning session in preparation for the 5th International Meeting 2009 (hereafter IM) was held in Fribourg, Switzerland, March 16-18, 2009.  Present for the meeting were:

  • fr. Miljenko Hontic, Assistant General and Delegate of the Minister General, who sent greetings and thanks to the friars from the various countries who are coordinating the MI;
  • fr. Antonello Fanelli, General Coordinator of the MI, and his associates, fr. Giovanni Nappo and fr. Vincenzo Esposito;
  • friars by nation/province:
    fr. Bernhard Lang  Austria
    fr. Volgran Leluia Santos - Brazil (Province of St. Maximilian Kolbe)
    fr. Josip Blazevic  Croatia
    fr. Steffen Behr  Germany
    fr. Giuseppe Franco - Italy (Province of Padua)
    fr. Gennaro Becchimanzi - Italy (Province of  Naples)
    fr. Mateusz Stachowski - Poland (Province of Gdansk)
    fr. Abel Garcia - Spain
    fr. Pascal Marquard - Switzerland
    fr. Masseo Gonzales - USA (Province of St. Joseph of Cupertino)
    fr. Michael Lasky - USA (Province of St. Anthony of Padua)

The meeting opened with a prayer taken from the writings of St. Francis.  fr. Antonello greeted those present, and he extended a word of thanks for the level of commitment and work expended thus far in reparation for the IM.  Then, each friar introduced himself and offered a short description of his ministerial activity.

Fr. Antonello gave an update of the work that has already been accomplished, and he highlighted the following:

  1. The IM is the work of many friars who are already collaborating actively in various capacities.  All of them are to be thanked as well as the Minister General who is promoting the IM.
  2., the IM website has been activated.  Contact information of the national and provincial coordinators will be posted on the site in the near future.

The working agenda was reviewed and several modifications were approved.

5° INTERNATIONAL MEETING  02-09 agosto 2009
per la Pastorale Giovanile e Vocazionale ofm conv.
c/o Basilica S. Francesco    
Piazza San Francesco 2
06081 - Assisi (PG)
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Assisi, March 29, 2009

Fr. Giovanni Nappo