Canonical Visitation in Tanzania

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The General Assistant for Africa (Afcof) Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, conducted the General Canonical Visitation of Tanzania’s Provincial Delegation, in Africa. The Visitation, was conducted between 14th – 26th March 2009.

He has visited each community of the Delegation for approximately three days, having talked to every single friar in 4 friaries.

In total the Delegation of Tanzania counts 22 friars, 8 of whom are temporarily professed. Of 14 solemnly professed friars (of whom 2 are still in initial formation), 10 are Polish.

Friars students are distributed as follows: 5 in Philosophy [4 in Lusaka & 1 in Nairobi], 2 in Theology/Nairobi. Four Postulants are at the Arusha Postulancy House.

The Visitation had officially started on 14th March with the Holy Eucharist at the Immaculate Conception friary of Arusha.

While visiting the communities of each friary, the General Visitator met all the friars in Friary Chapters. There, his observations regarding the local fraternity have been discussed. He used these occasions to inform the friars of developments in the Order, the Six Year Plan – with emphasis on formation for mission, developing a spirit of solidarity, and the concerns of the Minister General regarding the priority of on-going formation and the need for a greater spirit of sacrifice on the part of friars and fraternities for the good of the Order.

At the end of the Visitation he met with the Provincial Delegate’s Council (all Guardians) and gave out a preliminary final report and some urgent recommendations to be adopted immediately.

Beside visiting the friars in their communities the General Visitator had encounters with the Cardinal-Archbishop of Dar es Salaam, in whose archdiocese our Order is present, as well as with some communities of religious sisters, who work aside our communities, as well as with some Parish Council’s executives members, SFO and MI Leaders.

Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, General Assistant for AFCOF