Meeting of the Ministers and Custos of the CFC/CAA

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After the first formal joint meeting of the ministers of America (CFC/CAA and FALC), the ministers of the CFC conference met for a one-day meeting the 2nd of February on our friary at San José, Costa Rica.

  1. The guides for friary chapter discussions based on the Sacro Convento Experience (ongoing formation program of the conference) were distributed, as well as the letters from the friars who have participated in the five programs. A version adapted for Britain and Ireland will be offered in November in Manchester. The minister general has requested that the friars of the Canadian Custody participate as well. A video has been produced.
  2. A continental chapter of Mats will be held in California June 2011. Proposals regarding this are being prepared in time for the provincial chapters of 2010.
  3. Reports were given about the following themes: Giovani verso Assisi, formation (initial and ongoing), vocation promotion, the 0-5 program (both for the USA and Britain/Ireland), JPSC, MI and SFO.
  4. The valuation of the program in preparation for solemn profession held in Italy was positive. Due to the small number this year, an alternate program was discussed.
  5. The evaluation of the joint meeting with FALC was very positive. Letters of appreciation will be sent to FALC and the friars of Costa Rica.
  6. A second house in Jamaica was discussed.
  7. Preparation for a meeting of all the American guardians (USA) is in process, and the Canadian friars are encouraged to participate.
  8. The next meeting will take place from the 20th to the 25th of September in Canterbury, England.

John-Joseph Dolan