Meeting of the AFCOF International Commission for Formation

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On March 9, 2009, the first meeting of the International Commission for Formation for AFCOF began. This took place following the 20th anniversary of the formation of the AFCOF Federation with the help of the then Assistant General, Friar Sebald Reil, deceased on February 14, 1992.

The members of the Commission were named by the Major Superiors during their last meeting in Rome in January, 2009. There are: the President, Friar Giles Zakowicz, Kenya; the Secretary, Friar Anthony Akumah, Ghana; Friar Tomasz Kret, Burkina Faso; Friar Edward Ouma, Kenya; Friar Grzegorz Bykowski, Tanzania; Friar Marian Golab, Uganda; and Friar Joseph Ntumbila, Zambia.

Also participating in the meeting were: the Assistant General for AFCOF, Friar Tadeusz Swiatkowski, Kenya; the President of AFCOF, Friar Tadeusz Brzozowski, Kenya, and Friar Patrick Chisanga, Minister Provincial of Zambia.

The purpose of the meeting was the revision of how to run the programs for initial and ongoing formation, in all their phases, for our missions in Africa, as a way of responding to the two mandates given by the Major Superiors: to do what is possible to make the future decisions of AFCOF as practical as possible, and to examine the present and future possibilities of the Novitiate house. They would like, as far as possible, for each jurisdiction to have some phase of their common formation.

On March 12, the Commission moved, by minibus, to Arusha, Tanzania, as a way of accenting the recommendations of the Major Superiors.

- The Assistant General for AFCOF