The Minister and General Definitory on Pilgrimage to Lourdes

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(February 20-24, 2009) – The Minister General and the Assistant Generals, with the sole exception of Friar Jorge Rolando Fernández, Assistant General for FALC, spent four days in prayer and recollection at Lourdes, dedicating their own service for the entire Order to Our Lady.

The Definitory stayed at the hospitality center that the Order has at Lourdes, where, every year,  tens of Friars and many members of the Militia of the Immaculate and the Secular Franciscan Order pass for courses and  extended experiences of prayer.

On this occasion, the Minister General and his Definitory met with the Custodial Definitory of France, discussing the possibility of opening a new community as part of the Custody, and evaluating the house at Lourdes, which they hope to be of even greater service to the Friars of the Order.