The Major Superiors of AFCOF meet in Rome

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From January 11-13, the Major Superiors of our Province, Missions and Provincial Delegations of Africa (Zambia and Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, e Burkina Faso) met at the Seraphicum in Rome.

Taking part in the meeting were the Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca, and the Assistant General for AFCOF, Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski.

The principal theme of this meeting, brief, but intense for the meeting agenda, was the collaboration of the jurisdictions of AFCOF in the areas of initial and ongoing formation. Following the official agreement of July, 2008, when all the members of AFCOF decided to concentrate on collaborating in the area of formation – the formation and studies of all the Friars in common and the mutual exchange of formators – the time had come to establish guidelines for the collaboration in the area of maintaining the common houses of formation.

This time the Lord provided the blessing of His Spirit to show a way to find the necessary solidarity among the jurisdictions of the Order and the entire Order, by which our Friars in Africa will be able to receive a strong human, Franciscan, and quality formation.

During the Assembly we were able to put together an inter-jurisdictional “team” of formators for the three houses: the Novitiate in Ndola, Philosophy in Lusaka, and Theology in Nairobi. Certainly, finding personnel is not easy, especially since just a few days previously, two Friars from the Mission in Ghana were killed in a traffic accident, and no one from the Mission was able to say if there would be anyone available – we felt a significant loss.

We are hoping that now and in the future, the collaboration among the AFCOF Federation will not  be limited only to the area of formation, but that we will be able to join hands in other apostolic endeavors of our Friars.

The final day of the Assembly, we elected the new leadership for the Federation: Friar Tadeusz Brzozowski, from the Provincial Custody of Kenya, as President of AFCOF, Friar Patrick Chisanga, newly elected Provincial of Zambia, as Vice President of AFCOF, and Friar Bortonlino Maistrello, from the Provincial Custody of Ghana, as Secretary of AFCOF.

Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski
Assistant General – AFCOF