The newly elected Ministers, Custodes, and Secretaries in Rome

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From January 14-18, 2009, the General Curia hosted the traditional meeting of the Minister General and his Definitory, along with the Friars of the General Offices, with the Ministers and Provincial Custodes elected in 2008 and at the end the 2007. For the first time the Province Secretaries were also invited.

There were 28 participants in all, coming from the Provinces of India, Malta, Germany, Rioplatense (Argentina/Uruguay), Brasilia in Brazil, Hungary-Transylvania, Warsaw in Poland, Krakow in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Korea, and Zambia. Also represented were the Provincial Custodies of Calabria in Italy, and Venezuela.

The program was designed:
to encourage the exchange of useful information to help in the service of leadership;
to get to know one another better;
to have a spiritual and common experience together.

To accomplish this, there was daily common prayer in the Basilica of the Twelve Holy Apostles, and a pilgrimage program offered to visit the Pauline places of Rome by foot, as well as going to the Vatican for the noon blessing on Sunday the 18th.

The participants evaluated the program very positively, even if it was a very intense program, especially the hospitality offered by the community of the General Curia and that of St. Maximilian Kolbe Friary.

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