The Province of Zambia conludes its 3rd Ordinary Provincial Chapter

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The second part of the 3rd Ordinary Provincial Chapter began on February 2 at the Friary in Ndola, and conluded on February 5. Forty-nine capitulars participated along with the Assistant General for AFCOF, Friar Tadeusz Swiatkowski, as Delegate of the Minister General.

With hard and creative work, the capitulars developed the Four Year Plan of the Province. Following this, the assembly elected the Formators (for the Postulancy, Novitiate, and Theologate), and the Guardians of the 16 Friaries of the Province, including the Province Mission of Malawi.

For the election of Formators for the AFCOF Houses of Formation (Novitiate in Ndola, Philosophy at Lusaka, and Theology in Ndola) the Province followed the agreement of the Federation, approved by the Minister General and his Definitory, in which it was decided to exchange personnel from all three jurisdicitions of the Federation to provide for an interjurisdicitional "team" of Formators. There will now be a stronger collaboration among everyone in the area of initial formation of the African Friars.

Bishop Charles Noel O'Regan, in whose Diocese of the Copperbelt,  are located the majority of our Friaries, celebrated the closing Mass.

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