A Thank You from the Provincial Custody of Ghana

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The funeral of Friar Emilio Gallo and Friar Peter Kuupine of the Custody of Ghana was celebreated on Saturday, January 24 in the Church of Christ the King in Effiakuma, Tkoradi, Ghana. A large crowd came from every part of Ghana.

The presence of many Bishops, Priests, and Religious, gave witness to the good work done by Friars Emilio and Friar Peter for the local Church.

The two Friars were buried at Saltpond at the Center for Spirituality, where the Custody has its cemetery.

The Custody would like to express its great appreciation to all the Friars who have spiritually taken part in this sad moment by  joining us in prayer. It was a special grace to receive the numerous e-mails and letters from all parts of the Order as a sign of this participation.

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