Fraternal Visit of Tanzania

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The Assistant General for AFCOF, already present in Eastern Africa for the two Chapters of Kenya and Zambia, made a fraternal visit to the mission in Tanzania during November 17-20, 2008.

The main purpose of this visit was to meet with the Friars responsible for the formation of the postulants in Arusha, and with the postulants themselves.

The Postulancy at Arusha is the result of the collaboration of the two missions of Kenya and Tanzania. The first year of formation is held at Ruiri, Kenya, and the second at Arusha, Tanzania. There are 10 postulants at Arusha, 5 Kenyans and 5 Tanzanians.

Arusha – Postulants (5 Kenyans and 5 Tanzanians) with Friar Grzegorz Bykowski, Director, and Friar Michael Sabatura, Guardian

Arusha – Postulants with their Director and the AFCOF Assistant