Third Ordinary Provincial Chapter for Zambia

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The first session of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter for the Province of the Holy Proto-martyrs in Zambia was held December 1-5, 2008. There were 53 delegates participating from among the 89 Friars in Solemn Vows.

The Chapter was presided over by the Minister General, Friar Marco Tasca. Also present was the Assistant General for AFCOF, Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski.

The Friars of the Chapter elected a new Minister Provincial and his Definitory:

Friar PATRICK CHISANGA - Minister Provincial (1st term)
Friar Bonaventure Mpasa - Vicar Provincial
Friar Mathew Mumba - Province Secretary
Friar Massimiliano Marozzi - Definitor
Friar Tony Droll - Definitor
Friar Joseph Ntumbila - Definitor
Friar James Chishimba - Definitor (2nd term)
Friar Mathew Mukosayi - Definitor

The Province Treasurer will be elected at the second session of Chapter.

The actual statistics of the Province are as follows:
The Province, as of this writing, numbers 136 persons: 111 Friars , 7 novices, and 18 postulants (8 in the first year, 10 in the second year);
The Friars in Solemn Vows number 89 (63 Zambians and 26 non-Zambians)
The Friars live in the 14 Friaries of the Province across the area known as the Copperbelt and North Western Province. One of the founders of the Mission, Friar Francesco Mazzieri, was the first Bishop, and his cause for Beatification is presently in process.

The Friars of the Province are engaged in numerous apostolates as well as social, educational and charitable activities. They are well known throughout the country for their publishing activity of various magazines and publications that promote evangelization, social concern, and justice and peace. “Mission Press”, a publishing house following the inspiration of St. Maximilian Kolbe, is well known in the country, used by both the Church and the State. The Province has also developed an audiovisual center to aid the Church in the development of the culture as a whole.

The youthfulness and enthusiasm of the Province, which continues to grow in number and witness of the Franciscan-Kolbian spirit, is a great hope for the future of our presence in Africa. The Province, which is truly multicultural due to the makeup of the Friars, is able to authentically teach an ever improving development of collaboration and Franciscan witness. The Friars are willing to promote the Franciscan Charism in the Church of Zambia. The first fruits of their hard work is the opening of their own mission in Malawi. It is the first mission in Africa begun by Africans themselves. There are three Zambians working in the Diocese of Mzuzu and one Nigerian, who is a member of the Province, working in Turkey. Others Friars have already expressed their willingness to be part of the mission. The Bishop of Ndola visited the Chapter following the election of the Minister Provincial.
The second part of the Chapter, at which the Assistant General of AFCOF will be the delegate of the Minister General, will be held February 2-6, 2009.